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Medium: Brand Identity: Re-brand and Stationery Design

At 10thstep we are passionate about working with exciting new clients with promising businesses in need of a nudge in the right direction. We are always eager to expand our portfolio and with Personal Best PT we have extended our reach into the Fitness market. When Odhran McCorry, a young and determined personal trainer, came to us with a problem, we were very keen to solve it for him.

The brand identity of the business was in a limbo of sorts and what 10thstep set out to do was help to focus this identity. We needed to match the brand to the service and experience on offer; a modern, forward thinking and professional personal trainer.

To begin this process we met with Odhran and listened to him. Client happiness and agreement is imperative to our mantra at 10thstep in order to build long term customer value and loyalty. We listened to the needs of the client and most importantly, made sure we understood the exact information to be conveyed to the public. After this we began to work on a clear and concise colour scheme for the brand as a whole. For this we chose an organic bright green, with more solid and dynamic blue and black colouring. We felt this reflected the professionalism, energy and pioneering nature with which the client approaches his work and business. On the back of the stationery too; there was concise and easily transmittable information of what the business offers, the clients information and an inspiring photograph of a fit and trim individual.


Odhran loved the final design of the business cards and with the new branding created, and wanted us to move forward straight away designing and developing a website based on the strong new brand we created for Personal Best to enhance this identity and further the growth of the business. We are positive about the future progress of the branding for Personal Best PT and look forward to working on more exciting projects for our latest client.


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