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Birds aren’t the only ones that tweet.

This week (once again) we’ve been working hard and branding for a few local companies. Branding is essential for any business, it defines a company for what it stands for, it’s mission, vision and values. With brand, comes loyalty and once you have a logo (designed by 10thstep, of course) use it everywhere both in print and online.

We’ve also been exploring the power of Twitter. One of our most recent clients – Connect Logistics in Warrenpoint, decided to take the plunge and sign up after reading our blog.  A logistics company on twitter? Yes that’s right, you heard it here first. No matter what your business is we’d recommend getting on there straight away. It’s a great marketing tool that is waiting to have you, and if you need any help with it, just ask.

You can follow us on @10thsteps, (Myself) @thelittleun, and Johnny (the graphic design) @johnnykenna.


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